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Customer opinions
Carol - Ireland

The dentist did a very deep and gentle cleaning with scale and air flow to remove all plaque,cavities and decay. The dentist, the surgeon and the therapist all were very professional and also they did a discount price for me too at the end. I was surprised about the excellent service in everything.


Visited Healthy Dent

“Got prompt and excellent feedback on all my questions in addition to information I actually needed but had forgot to ask about. Booked an appointment and looking forward to it.”

Tom - USA

Visited Healthy Dent

"The clinic contacted me quickly and they were very nice."

Espen Gjesdal

Visited Healthy Dent

“Went in for a massive overhaul. Lots of small holes and a few larger ones that needed attention. Did everything spread out over 4 appointments. The clinic is very nice and clean. Staff are extremely friendly, efficient, diligent and professional. It's located just a minutes walk away from the Freedom Square Metro Station. All in all I was very happy with all parts of my treatment and service. This clinic is highly recommended!”

Tim - UK

Visited Healthy Dent

"I was in Tbilisi for a few weeks on business. A colleague went to Healthy Dent to have some major work done and he was extremely happy, so I decided to pay the clinic a visit as my teeth were overdue a thorough clean. The results were better than I experience from my regular dental clinic and I rate my regular dentist very highly."

About Georgia

Please, don’t mix us with the State of Georgia, which is located in the United States. This small but extremely beautiful country is known for its hospitality, delicious food and wine. Georgia is located in the borders of Europe and Asia. It is bounded by the Black Sea from the west, by Russia from the north, by Turkey and Armenia from the south, and by Azerbaijan from the southeast. The capital city of Georgia – Tbilisi - is a great mixture of oriental and European architecture. It is practically impossible to visit this city and not feel the European aspiration along with influence of an Asian past.

Our country is a popular tourist destination throughout all seasons. We receive millions of tourists every year. Simply check out our videos below and enjoy your trip to Georgia – a country over your horizon!

Facts about Georgia:

Population: 4,469 million;

Time Zone: UTC (UTC+4);

Currency: GEL (Georgian Lari);

Lowest operational costs within Europe.

Spoken languages: 96 % of people speak Russian. Approximately 80% of people under age of 35 speak English or German.

Geo-location: 2 to 3 hours flight to the major European countries;


Visa information:

There are 94 countries around the world citizens of which can stay in Georgia for full 1 year without a visa.

About Tbilisi:

Tbilisi is 1500 years old city, so certainly there are a lot of sights to visit. You should definitely purchase some Georgian souvenirs for you and your family.

Is it safe in Georgia?

You are absolutely safe to travel all around Georgia. Georgia received more than 5.5 million tourists in 2014 from all around the world. The police are patrolling for 24 hours throughout the city and they take care of your safety. 


Climate is moderately warm and acceptable at any month of the year. The coldest month is January and the hottest month is July. An average annual temperature is approximately 13 °C. 

Cultural Hints: 

Georgians are very friendly, hospitable and guest loving people, who treat foreigners as members of their family.
Once you visit Georgia you should definitely try Georgian cuisine and Georgian wine.

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